Graduate Students

Name: Bailee Rusconi
Major: Chemistry
Fun fact: I like to read during my free time.


Name: Adam Ingwerson
Major: Chemistry
Fun fact: I love to fish with any and all methods! My current favorite methods are spearfishing and fly fishing.


Name: Shubhu Shahade
Major: MS in Data Science
Fun Fact: I like cheese

Undergraduate Students

Name: Ehab Bojeh
Major: B.S. Chemistry
Fun Fact: Love to travel.


Name: Andy Bui
Major: Biochemistry
Fun Fact: I am a giant car nerd and I drive a 1993 Mazda RX-7


Name: Joshua Gadingan
Major: Biology
Fun Fact: I make music!


Name: Asia Pham
Major: Chemistry
Fun Fact: I have 5 pets!


Name: Andy Tao
Major: Biochemistry
Fun Fact: I do not like cheese.


Name: Brenda Vargas
Major: Forensic Science/Chemistry
Fun Fact: I'm from Southern California


Name: Steve Wise
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Fun Fact: I love jiu jitsu and I have lived in 4 different countries


Name: Adrian Youngquist
Major: Applied Computational Math
Fun Fact: My family has five black cats.


High School Students

Name: Anvitha Mattapalli
Future Major: Computer Science
Fun Fact: I love to dance and have been dancing for 7 years!

Group Photos


Some of the Grazioli Research Group members at a group dinner in Spring of 2023. From left to right: Asia Pham, Heekun Cho, Adrian, Andy Bui, Shubhu Shahade, Justin Prado, and Dr. G.


Some of the Grazioli Research Group members on our way to dinner in October of 2022. From left to right and back to front, we have: Dr. G, Heekun Cho, Andy Tao, Inika Bhatia, David Santiago, Jr.,  Shubhu Shahade, and Adam Ingwerson.

Grazioli Research Group Alumni

Heekun Cho (M.S. Chemistry '23) is now a Ph.D. student in computational chemistry in Prof. Matthias Heyden's research group at Arizona State University

Inika Bhatia (B.S. Biological Sciences with a concentration in Physiology '23)

Justin Prado (B.S. Chemistry '23) is enrolled in pre Clinical Laboratory Scientist coursework

Calvin T. Nguyen (B.S. Chemistry '22) is now a Product Support Engineer at Picarro

Patrick Regan (B.S. Chemistry '22) is a VOC Analyst at McCampbell Analytical

Nicholas Chan (B.S. Chemistry '22) is now a Ph.D. student at UC Irvine

Paaras Shah (former H.S. student) is now an undergraduate student at UC Irvine

David Santiago, Jr. (B.S. Chemistry '22) is now a PhD Student in Chemistry at University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Karla Armenta (B.S. Chemistry '22)

Janine Anne Chua

Mina Bagheri (B.S. Chemistry '21) is now a student in the Clinical Laboratory Scientist graduate program at SJSU.

Thomas Ballard (B.S. Chemistry '21) is now a Chemistry Analyst at Eurofins Scientific

Alvin Nguyen (B.S. Chemistry '21)